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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dust on the windsill!

There is this little black dot. What does it do? I can't tell you, it's a secret. But it brings candy to all the children of the world, and pretzels are cuisine! I would say, hello my love birds. The colourful birds fly across in technicolour rainbows! Just like Scarlette O'Hara and Beaver, Utah! Santa invented the little black dot.

Blink and You'll Miss It

htaw od uyo eman?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

.my jacket kinda fresh now.

It seems like everyone is just looking for direction. Something to do. Somewhere to go. Something to buy. Something to want. Why? Is your new Chanel bag going to change your life? Are your nikes going to help you fulfill your calling? Is any one thing going to make you content? No. Not at all. These things serve a purpose, nothing more. And then they're done. There is nothing wrong with enjoying them. But just remember they're not you. They can't change who you are. Those new jeans may seem like the ish, and maybe they are, but they can't do more than what they're meant for.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Her mama is right, you know.

You really aren't good enough for her.

Friday, December 12, 2008



Also, if my kid came up and kissed my brand new white jeans and got chocolate all over, I would not smile. I would be mad. When you wash jeans, they shrink a little. If you JUST fit into them, would you want to wash them right away? Nope. As they say in Arrested Development, Children Should Be Neither Seen Nor Heard. Aww, Buster.

So sometimes when I wake up in the morning, movement flits across my peripheral vision - of course, when I look, whatever was moving is gone. Low blood pressure from just waking up, or gremlins a la 1980-something?

The Compliments Bran Flakes with Raisins have so many raisins. Looking at the picture on the box, I can't help but wonder if that is actually milk in the bowl. It's probably glue.

When I feel heavy metal
And I'm pins and I'm needles
Well I lie and I'm easy
All of the time but Im never sure when I need you
Pleased to meet you

I had no idea those were the lyrics.

And I forgot about Franz Ferdinand, totally. Does anyone else think that guy from MTV Canada is a major douchebag? I can't remember his name. Not Dan Levy. The one all the girls think is hot ... Darren Jones, that's it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pink Sky at Night version 2.0

When the four candlesighs sped under the ocean's current, they didn't know that the rain that fell like a mist-like veil over the entire land melded to the sea, giving birth to new waves and new spray, mixing with sea foam and long dead merpeople.

They snuffed out, then drifted into the mist and up up up into the clouds, where the humidity and pressure pushed them down down down into the lush emereld green patch of moss in Ireland, so damp that when they stepped down onto it, the water pushed through their toes like a sponge, sucking back down into the earth when their little feet stepped away.

The teeny white flowers that sprinkled the dew smiled up at them with trusting, bright faces, and they were careful not to squish their innocence as they waited, hopeful for a day when they could reach towards the sunshine and stretch in the warmth.

The candlesighs (or candlesnuffs, as it were now) slinked around the craggy volcanic rock that bit into the side of the land, and the fish in the pond way down below were just flashes of silver in twilight. The sky was made of amethyst and smokey quartz, giving way to Pink Sky at Night.

The candlesnuffs sighed with pleasure and watched the sun set, then rise, as a kelpie skimmed the ocean from which they had just come, and a selkie rested in the sand.

Tell me, here, that there are no unicorns.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Monday, December 1, 2008



.and act like i already knew.

My question is, who cares? Aren't there more important things happening in the world right now? Happening always? Will it even affect us? I ask and nobody answers. A shrug is the best answer. And by best I mean only. Are we going to go hungry? No. Are we going to lose our homes? No. Are you going to lose eachother? No. So, there might be some new rules. A new "sherriff" in town, if you will? But who cares? Our quality of life isn't going to be changed, if that's what you're worried about. Not dramatically anyway. And so what if it is? This place could use a little humility.


obsolete : bargain
— on the cheap : at minimum expense : cheaply
That's you. One hundred percent. How is that even possible? You mooch, and mooch, and mooch, and mooch. You're like a leech, sucking the life out of the people around you. wth is a "big shop?" And why won't you be needing ________ this year? Oh, 'cause you're mooching. I'm sorry, how could I forget? You greedy, ungrateful pig.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Dorky Child on the Rice Crispies Commercial

Perhaps you have seen the new Christmas ad for the red and green Rice Cripsies. Apparently, the boxes come with molds for people to shape their rice cripsies treats into holiday-themed creations. The little girl in the ad ends up haphazardly making these treats and giving them to strangers around town. This is an Open Letter to her.

Dear Dork: So you think you're cute, with your coke-bottle glasses and pigtails, running around the city giving randoms your rice cripsies creations. Sure, your mother and grandmother probably think you're cute, and they might appreciate a rice crispies treat in the shape of a stocking or a Christmas bell.

Please let me assure you that the lady behind the counter at the corner store does not think you are cute, nor does she want a poorly put together piece of food art made by a five year old who probably eats her boogers and doesn't wash her hands after pooping. I saw Corner Store Lady hesitate before accepting the treat you unceremoniously shoved across the counter - she's thinking, do I break her little heart? Or do I smile and pretend I'm not worried this cookie-that-is-supposed-to-look-like-a-star-but-actually-looks-like-a-malevolent-wart doesn't carry SARS or the Avian Flu? You know she put on a pair of HAZMAT gloves and burned the thing after you and your incredibly weird mother skipped away into the night, only to go home and shape another Frankenstein-esque creation and inflict more pain on the world.

So, Dorky Little Girl in the Rice Cripsies Commercial, feel free to save your cold-sore soaked creations for your mother and grandmother, who have no choice but to love you. Happy Holidays! Love, Dolly

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

.oh look at all the lonely people.

Its amazing how quickly things are over. How quickly they disappear. First hand accounts are limited. Once someone is gone, the name goes too. Stories can only last for so long. Once everyone stops caring...then what? I guess nothing.

Then nothing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

.mr. lonely.

You know what sucks? The past 2 or 3 days, no one has come on msn when I've been on. Its been sad. I just wait and wait for something to happen and nothing :(.

Anyway so today I saw Twilight. I LOVED it. Thankfully, they kicked ass in adapting it. My heart swelled after it was over and I really want to see it again. Robert Pattinson was super hot.

I can't believe how much its snowed in ON! There are some pictures on the news and I wish it was like that here. Hey! Did you guys hear about that huge meteor? It lit up the sky. It looked like daylight. Insane in the membrane. One guy said and I quote, "It came down from the sky..." Wow. That's profound.

Hm. I have a french project to do this weekend so I'll be working on that this weekend as well as some cards for the hair salon place. Right now in English, we are reading "A Streetcar Named Desire." Its weird. I finished it yesterday and its very strange. "STELLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..."

Can someone please come on msn this weekend?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

.post #101.

I'm so sorry she said that. I defended you but it was too late. Too late.

I heard someone the other day saying that in their relationship they always fight, take what has been said back, and make up. But that's not possible. You can't take back what has been done. What has been said. What has happened. Ish will never be the same. Again. No matter how sorry you are. No matter what you try to do to remedy the situation. You can't. And that sucks. But atleast you learn something out of it: that the other person is a _____.

.but i couldn't hear them all the way in first class.


What if there was such a thing as yestertomorrow? Would that simply mean today? What really is time? Why do people feel the need to plan every detail out? Time can be good. Or bad. Looking back, there are times that I wish never happened and times that I wish I could relive. Time is so strange. If nobody had invented time, then what? Would we grow? Expand? Progress? Digress? Will we ever know? And what's the point of questions that can't be answered...


Monday, November 17, 2008

KTLA Channel 5 The CW, Where Los Angeles Lives

The Little Frog Man dipped down into the crevice of a wrinkly bosom and fell asleep. He was like Rip Van Wrinkle, except he did not sleep for a hundred years, his sleep being cut short after a mere 4 minutes by a fairy who plucked him from the old woman's chest and dropped him into a pond that was fed by a river. He sank like a feather, flutter here, flutter there. The Little Boktavian Dulaleecha saw him, and twirled down in a circular motion into the depths of the white rushing current, until they were sitting at peace at the blue, blue bottom.

"What?" Screamed the Little Frog Man, his cries piercing the water and shimmering the sun.

"How Now, Brown Cow?" The Little Boktavian Dulaleecha Cankerously Bellowed, and the Little Frog Man shivered with fright.

"He told me the way," he meowed.

"Ah, and that is how you make gorgonzola cheese," the Little Boktavian Dulaleecha chuckled before struggling through the deep waters and catching a current on the West Side to Everywhere.

The Little Frog Man laughed tears of joy and snow and swiftly melting autumn, the salty droplets accounting for a flood that spring.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

.can't stop having these visions.

Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is incredible. And heartbreaking.
In order to see everything just click towards the bottom of each picture.

.poisoning your fantasy.

Wow so is everybody ready for the best week of our lives? Only 6 days until Twilight and only 9 until 808s & Heartbreak :D:D:D:D! YAY! And then mabis can come back and then soon it will be Christmas!!!!! The decorations look lovely if I do say so myself. And I do, he said to his groom. dun dun dun. Wedding bells or the jaws music? Did you know a stirge is a mosquito-like magical beast and a classic in the game Dungeons and Dragons? HAHAHHA of course you already knew that mabis or you better or your Christmas present won't make much sense. Got your zac efron poster all ready too. A DROP IN THE WATER/ A LOOK IN THE EYE. Oh James Bond I can't wait to see you. Critics are calling you the best Bond movie EVER! :O. Thats insane in the membrane yay! peace. haha yes yes i did just say that.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

.still searching.

Hi dabis! We love you and hope you had a safe trip. Talk very very soon. xo


What's up with the music video for Live Your Life? I don't understand what happens in the end.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

.i got my life and its the only one.

I feel like I have to dedicate a post to ye. Not because he's a musical genius, not because his lyrics are absolutely insane, not because I'm in love with him. Simply because he is real. One of the few real artists in the music industry today. He doesn't make music for the sake of it or to make money(although I'm sure its an awesome bonus to doing what you love). He does it because he feels passionate about what he does and because of this he can show his true emotions. His new album, 808s, may not be for everyone. But he doesn't make his music for anyone. And I think because of this, he can do whatever he wants and not be "successful" in the business world but instead successful in his personal life, in that he has made himself happy. Isn't that what we all strive to do? Simply make ourselves happy? Don't hate, 'ppreciate.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tyra Mail! (squeaky high pitched voice)...tyra banks...I hate you.

I open the window and you're staring at me. Its frightening. I ask you to stop but you won't. Your eyes penetrate the space between us. I look behind me and wonder. Is it truly me you're staring at? At first... at first I was flattered. But now, now its just creepy. You reach for something beside you on the floor. And all of a sudden one of your eyes is closed and the other magnified. I realize you're looking through a.. a telescope? Ugh ridiculous. I grab my bag as I walk out the door. Walmart now. For curtains. Real estate agent tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

“How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart.”

I just bought a package of lollipops for $1.99. In your face, Grover Cleveland.

Also, four days ago marked my 7th birthday 83 years ago on a day shadowed by the flickering gleam of a tiny turtle's rainbowed horn and brightened by interlocked branches allow the moonlight to dapple the leaf-covered ground.


So proud and excited. It feels like we're on the cusp of something huge.

On another note I, too, got the flu shot today. It did not hurt, and I did not freak out, which is weird because when it comes to me and needles, usually I am the first to do so. I don't know what it is that bothers me, but I was thinking --- it's just a tube that is hollowed out. And it pierces your skin. Probably cuts out a teeny-weeny-tiny-whiney little cross section of your flesh. I dunno, but that seems a tad barbaric.

Water is so my best friend right now. I can't get enough. And peeing is my worst enemy. I did some googling (oh google) and I think maybe I have overdosed on Vitamin D. Anxiety, headaches, and extreme thirst are all symptoms. And Vitamin D is not water soluable - thus, it builds up to toxic levels in your fat storages. So I've stopped taking it and will return to merely having a multi-vitamin 4 times a week once I feel better.

Anybody else find it incredibly annoying when someone on your msn changes their status to something you KNOW they want you to comment on, and when you don't they message you REPEATING what is in their status??

I just want to make note of something I think is incredibly amazing: I have been using the exact same locker lock since the 6th grade - that is, since I was 11. 13 years ago. I love you, 31-13-19. And I can't believe that out of all the things I've saved over the years, a 5 dollar lock from junior high has stood the test of time. Master Lock: tough under fire (indeed!).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


And who exactly are you to call them hicks? You are an absolute disgrace. You should be ashamed. I'm ashamed and embarrassed for you.


You(not you... YOU) are a constant reminder of what has happened. Of why I did what I did. Of why I did what was necessary. Not just necessary, but mandatory. If it hadn't been for you, I'd never have done what I did. I would never have hurt so many people. If it weren't for your constant belief, no not belief. Expectations. For me. Potential. That was the word you used. You just kept pushing, no matter how hard I pushed back. You wouldn't stop. You had to be stopped. And yet you continue. You continue to push and pull and expect and wish... for the better, for something different. Can't you stop? If not for my sake, what about hers? What about his? What about yours? Wouldn't it be easier to just not.. just not do what you do. Not push. Not pull. Not expect. Not wish. Because of your huge expectations mine have been weakened. Its not that I don't want to believe, don't want to hope and wish. Its that I can't.

Finally there is change.

DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'! HOLD ONTO THAT FEELINNGGGGG! doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.
I got the flu shot. My arm hurts. What is hurt, you ask? I've often wondered if pain can be "cured," if you will. What if we told ourselves that pain was a good thing? Taught our young that? I suppose some pain is good. If we didn't have pain how would we know if something was wrong? What about 1000 years ago? So what if you had pain? Its not like you could pop some tylenol and relieve yourself of the pain. Pain would be nothing. Maybe pain didn't even exist because there would be nothing to do about it. It would just be something you had to bear, got used to. Bears hurt people. Sharks hurt people. But like the saying says, "Guns don't hurt people, people hurt people," I'm sure that if you looked at bear or shark attacks its not their fault. Maybe its the peoples. Maybe the people shouldn't be swimming in their ocean or harrassing the bears in THEIR homes. Hm. Something to ponder. Ponder. Pond. Whirlipogs. Have you forgotten about this place?

Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloweeeeeenn

Why, thank you. And let me deliver a message to you. Beware. This is the creepiest person alive. He will climb into your bed and drench you with spittle. Don't go to sleep or else this face will haunt you.

Good luck with that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To Yeezy, With Love, Jeezy



(he won't do anything to you but smile, but c'mon, that's enough for a years worth of nightmares. plus if you pick him up and cuddle with him until 3am, his frightening characteristics will dissipate, and you'll just have a cuddly lovebug to warm you up on the cold night before Halloween. so yeah, I guess that's not such a bad thing. ignore the next line, please....)



(and if a sloth really does show up in your room, you might wanna call animal control. or the world wildlife fed. because seriously, what is a sloth doing in your room? are you illegally breeding and selling wild animals now? you bastard!)

Love, THE GHOST OF HALLOWEENS PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An open letter to the new Glade commercials

Dear Glade,

WTF, mate? I don't understand your new commercials. There is the yoga one, the gingerbread cookie one, and the party one. In each, the woman uses a glade candle, but rips off the plastic around it so her friends can't tell it's a glade, and then she proceeds to lie to her friends, saying the wonderful smell in her house is either freshly baked gingerbread men, a candle from France, or a mixture of scents she found to tap into her "inner karma." Bitch, please. Lying isn't going to give you good karma. Also, it's obvious you are a compulsive liar who won't let getting caught in a lie stop you from doing it again. Get some help. You're annoying and soon, you won't have any friends coming over to lie to.

Also, I thought Glade candles were bad for you because they coated the inside of people's noses with harmful chemicals from the burning candles? Just wanted to throw that out there.

Also part deux, I hate the KFC commercials with the hubby and wife doing the lamaze breathing. Nothing says "I want chicken" like watching a man and woman go into labour. Sexy!

Love, Dolly Mabis

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bottle noses and rubbery skin

Peanut-head and the separation of families.
Wild animals.
Majestic beasts.
Intelligent, flying through the water.
Christopher Porter is a disgrace to Canada.

Grey (Gray) Sky in Morning PT. II

She wondered blue day
And then they surrendered to Colonol Cloon-ay
What do you think, Sha nay?
Nep o lind er woff, moo lah!
And they condensed the song into the pink sky, hooray!

But the frogs knew not
what was in store for they
green and shiney and sweet
from the princeses' bowl of soup

Saturday, October 25, 2008

hyatt regency

I love O, makeup artist by day tranny by night. He's awesome.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this is dedicated to you

hellz to the yeeeeah says:

we are SO GROSS

ballin' .how could you be so heartless. says:

but awesome

hellz to the yeeeeah says:

seriously awesome

hmm perhaps

Just go away...please...?

Monday, October 20, 2008

For they looked in the future, and what did they see, they saw an iron road running from the sea to the sea

Wasn't sure.

.goodbye my friend.

We're watching you. We're watching you sleep. It seems like all we do is wait. We wait for night to come. We wait for you to close your eyes for the last time. We wait for the chance to get off of this shelf and move closer. We have planned our escape many times but its never perfect enough to get away from you. You always know. Always realize. Maybe we will have to get you first...someday...someday....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet talk but don't intimidate her

There is a cat taking a dump literally right outside my window. And now he is covering his poop in leaves.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gavin says hi - he was very loud and move-y last night

I miss you too, Yeezy Dolly. And hellz yeah, you and your facial expression were the only reason SATC was worth watching - that, and the pubic hair. OMG ginger firebox, I just puked.

Okay, this post is going to be about something that I find incredibly annoying. Overt sexuality. I don't care if I sound 82.

Though she, too, annoys the bejessuz out of me (but that's another post for another day), there is something to be said for Dita Von Teese. Burlesque is Stripper's classy, less wasted distant cousin. It's about the tease. And the tease, that little appetizer, can be far hotter than the main course. Yes, we can all take our clothes off on stage and wiggle our junk (that was for you, Dane) around (in theory). But can you turn someone's crank merely by removing a glove? Can you make splashing around in a martini glass look hella sexy? It's the art form versus the art itself.

This is why overt displays of sexuality in our culture are so blase. I could get into the feminist aspect of this topic and go on and on about how women are objectified and their bodies are sexualized, but I won't (though I believe it). No, this post is about what a yawn it is when you see a girl or guy walking down the street trying far too damn hard. Dear Katy Perry, I'm talking to you. Okay, you kissed a fucking girl. NOBODY CARES. 80 PERCENT OF THE GIRLS THAT REGULARLY GO TO BARS HAVE, TOO. But we get it - okay, okay, you invented kissing girls, bravo, you liked it, get a room. You're trying to do the whole retro pin-up gig, but you're failing miserably because you seem to always have to have those eyes that display the fact that you are thinking OH SO NAUGHTY thoughts (but not really), licking your lips and touching yourself during your performance of "Like a Virgin" on the MTV Video music awards. That is why this video is oh, so karmatic:

It's about the subtle gestures, hand movements, the girls who are really thinking naughty thoughts behind those eyelash veiled baby blues (I'm talking to you, Ms. Jolie). Ya feel me?

Really, I don't care that much. I just wanted an excuse to vent my distaste for Ms. Perry and the wonderful fall on her ass. You're welcome. Also, Yeezy, I think you need to post the clip of Yeezy on Ellen. THAT is sexy, yet understated.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes/Turn and face the strange/Ch-ch-changes

Jeezy Mabis come back s'il vous plait. I miss you. I have nothing to do. mlehhh good times watching SATC with you. Even though it sucked. A lot. Haha only how many days did I say? Oh 69. That's awesome. YAY! :).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maybe I don't want a humpback whale.

Its 10 and you're still sleeping. Has this ever happened? I'll count out the hours for you since we know how that goes. 14 hours! 14 whole hours. That's insane.

I love the first frost. So magical. And while this may not be the actual frost, its the first official one where the frost is visible. Frost means winter and winter means Christmas.. YAY!

Bolly Mabis, we miss you. Hope that your weekend is enjoyable and we will talk to you soon. Remember: NO Butterballs. :).

Yum ethiopian food. CAN'T WAIT! And that wonderful, wonderful street. I LOVE visiting that street:). So many things to see and make me broke haha :P.

It is going to be a magical day... I can feel it. Oh, hello Gavin. Fancy meeting you here.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been travelling on this road too long

I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dying. This is the last time I'll open my eyes. The last time I'll be surrounded by these people. By my colleagues and friends. There's so much pain. Like nothing I've ever imagined. I look down at the numerous IVs in my arms. I cringe at the thought of what's wrong with me. There's a blanket covering the place where my calves should be but its flat. I feel something pricking into my lower back. More needles. But its none of these things that bother me. It was preventable. None of this had to happen. More of a mistake that was made because of choices. Bad choices. Choices that had nothing to do with me. Is it karma? What did I do wrong? Nothing. Getting up this morning? But why does it matter now? It doesn't. I close my eyes and memories flood back to me and there are too many images to process. My family's house, the smell of mom's cake, Christmas time, family trips... I feel something wet and I burst into silent tears.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ground Control to Major Tom

Bowie Is Good, But Cat Power Did it Better.

Her voice coupled with that song makes me want to drive a Lincoln, but not really.

And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
She does Wonderwall better, too. And how is that even possible?
And songs that begin with "And" send shivers down my spine. There are so many if you listen, and they can be likened to stepping into the middle of a great tale that started long ago without you. Get swept up.
Moran Taing.
And I feel that times a wasted go
And you bring me to my knees
And I'd give up forever to touch you
(cuz I know that you feel me somehow)
Post Script: I really miss you, Yeezy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Loops of Me

We were just on webcam, and you just told me you would "be right back, okay?"

Okay, but now I have to go pee; of course you aren't there for me to tell. What if you return before I do and see I'm not there? So I just said into the webcam, "Be right back, ***", and hopefully somehow, should you get back to your seat and find mine empty, you will receive the message through the space-time-continuim.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anna Molly

ballin' **system overload** says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
somethig like that
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
ballin' **system overload** says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
mission completre
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
we are so pro
haha! Oh Chuck, you are so creepy, I adore you says:
we should be in the CIA
ballin' **system overload** says:
yes yes we are
ballin' **system overload** says:
no kidding
ballin' **system overload** says:
we're awesome

Are you well? And please pass the grey poupon

That little tire that circles the moll on the hill will recede eventually, but you won't feel empty.

When that windmill twirls once tomorrow, the iconoclasts will be destroyed in one little boy's eyes.

And when you bake, make sure the room fills with warm cinnamon and sinful chocolate.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

808s ARE cool ;)

Jeezy can you hear meee?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

clay chocolate:I'll punch you if you steal one.

So busy. And so very tired. My poster is kickass though. I hate emersions. Sorry for hatin' but the ones I've met...suck. It feels like I haven't talked to you in ages even though I think it was just yesterday? Did we really talk? No...I don't think so. Next today, perhaps. today.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Wish I was there to celebrate with you - have FUN! I love you! Love, Mabis

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink Sky at Night Pt. 8,000,000,000

You are so creepy, swiveling around in your chair like Dr. Evil, or that guy from DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN Inspector Gadget. Something about keeping your Love Locked DOOOOOWN, or...yeah. Well I'm blogging right now. Well than la de freaking da. What the blog, blog? If by cool you mean extremely nerdy. Turn the light back off, it's hurting my eyes. That face, just like that. That sounded dirty, Dolly, gross.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Guest Post from Bolly Part Deux

no i gtg actually
bed time

Luke Skywalker Would Be Proud

because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
so do you have Rock Band II yet?
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
or are you planning on it?
ballin' says:
is it out?~
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
i heard it was
ballin' says:
ballin' says:
i didn't know
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
ballin' says:
i thought it was october... oh that must be gh 4

because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
I could be wrong tho
ballin' says:
oh no
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
gh 4?
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
what does that mean

ballin' says:
guitar hero 4
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
is that 1337 for something, dork?
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
hahaha jokes
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
ballin' says:
ballin' says:
ballin' says:
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:

ballin' says:
actually wow is dork
ballin' says:
in gamer language

because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
ballin' says:
gh is for the cool kids
ballin' says:
haha world of warcraft
ballin' says:
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
ballin' says:
ballin' says:
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
I wish I was there to highfive you!
ballin' says:
haha thanks
ballin' says: :)
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:
that was awesome
because the sun is always shining in Coolville says:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

fine then, go offline before I say goodbye

I'm sure this week will fly by and friday will be here once again before we know it, not far from up yonder way and just over where the valley dips and the mountains peek. if you look, you can see it already, as though on the plains and flatlands of Saskatchewan.



You Can Have Whatever You Like

So I'm walking and I'm walking, and I see this _ _ _ _ at the side of the road, and I think, "ohmigawd...."


Do you ever smell something that just teleports you back in time? Something that temporarily paralyzes and dizzies you? Memories flood back to you and you feel overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia. But the feeling is only temporary and within seconds you realize that you are in the now. That no matter how hard you try, you can only transport your thoughts back in time and not you. Is it better to be here now? Or worse? It won't ever matter because you can't change it. And you just have to live with that. So enjoy the memories you have and be happy that you have them or forget that those moments ever existed and pretend they never happened.
If you can pretend like those memories never existed, are they still a part of you? Do they make you who you are? Without those experiences who would you be?

Just something to think about.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

hide and seek

Jameny says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
so what's crackalackin
Jameny says:
secret codes and such
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny I can hear you, jameny can you heeear meeee?!?!?!?!
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
wiscAAAAnsono I can hear you
Jameny says:
roger that
WiscAAAAnson says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
bird entered the nest 7:31
WiscAAAAnson says:
roger that, but for clarification, of which bird do we speak?
Jameny says:
the only bird we ever speak of, the bird that watches us
Jameny says:
the bird that follows us
WiscAAAAnson says:
roger that, get ready for take down in 4, over
Jameny says:
to starbucks we go
Jameny says:
copy and paste over
WiscAAAAnson says:
hot coffee on the beak, over
Jameny says:
spillage, you say?
WiscAAAAnson says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
with rash and horrible consequences
Jameny says:
horrible? would you say dire, perhaps?
Jameny says:
heartbeats and clocks heartbeats and clocks!
WiscAAAAnson says:
did you scope him>
WiscAAAAnson says:
the one who speaks words?
Jameny says:
no it is over...i am dead
Jameny says:
yet alive
Jameny says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
food in the blender, aye
Jameny says:
how did you know?
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
are you supernatural? or just strange?
WiscAAAAnson says:
your face is strange
Jameny says:
or d) none of the above
Jameny says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
or c) your mom
Jameny says:
it would appear you are strange/////strangely strange
Jameny says:
will you?
WiscAAAAnson says:
I will!
WiscAAAAnson says:
what did the man's wife's girlfriend's brother's nephew tell you the other morning at the break of dawn
WiscAAAAnson says:
you'd better tell me the right answer
Jameny says:
that we've lost control
Jameny says:
that there is no return
Jameny says:
we can't change what has gone down
WiscAAAAnson says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
can't wait
Jameny says:
the break of dawn is supposed to bring great relief but all it brings is despair
Jameny says:
can't wait for what, if you don't mind my asking?
WiscAAAAnson says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
the no return, duh
Jameny says:
negatory you say?
WiscAAAAnson says:
god, keep up
WiscAAAAnson says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
Jameny says:
Jameny says:
Jameny says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
mmmm wha tyou say
Jameny says:
mmm what
Jameny says:
mmmm what
Jameny says:
mmm what
WiscAAAAnson says:
OOOH That you only meant weellllll
Jameny says:
mmmmmmmmmmm what you say
WiscAAAAnson says:
well of course you did and
WiscAAAAnson says:
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
Jameny says:
such sadness
Jameny says:
and yet complete inner joy
Jameny says:
how? how is this possible?
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
both. can i eat pancakes the rabbit for food?
Jameny says:
what if that is my answer? will we survive
WiscAAAAnson says:
of course you can
WiscAAAAnson says:
and the easter bunny too, Satan
Jameny says:
Jameny says:
how do you know my true identity?
WiscAAAAnson says:
omg I can't believe you just asked me that
WiscAAAAnson says:
it's a secret
WiscAAAAnson says:
there is a little black dot
WiscAAAAnson says:
and it won't let me tell
Jameny says:
well then it will have to be demolished.
Jameny says:
sorry little black dot. you die now.
WiscAAAAnson says:
no, it won't
Jameny says:
it has to
WiscAAAAnson says:
wormholes can't be demolished
WiscAAAAnson says:
Jameny says:
you can't decide
Jameny says:
i create and i destroy
Jameny says:
i now choose to destrow
WiscAAAAnson says:
haha creepo
Jameny says:
creepo you say?
WiscAAAAnson says:
you are
WiscAAAAnson says:
ok my love, I gotta go eat din din din
Jameny says:
you haven't eaten yet??
WiscAAAAnson says:
haha no i wasn't hungry
Jameny says:
oh weird
WiscAAAAnson says:
but i am starving now

msn heartbreak - where are you jeezy?

Don't worry K. Not only do I love you, I support you.

webcam delight

so. if...

east is west and up is down and right is left and red is green and kids are adults and happy is sad and animate is inanimate and money is free and in is out and sound is silent and feelings are void and apples are oranges and boys are girls and delicious is yucky and reading is listening and life is death...

are you you?

I love you, Dolly and Bolly :)

Have a nice day

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Step Back Gonna Come at You Fast

Sick Today. :( Sucks A Lot, Yucky Blucky.
But damn, I love Yeats and Longfellow.
From The Celtic Twilight:

Paddy Flynn is dead;
He was a great teller of tales, and unlike our common romancers,
knew how to empty heaven, hell, and purgatory, faeryland and earth,
to people his stories.
He did not live in a shrunken world, but knew of no less ample circumstance than did Homer himself. Perhaps the Gaelic people shall by his like bring back again the
ancient simplicity and amplitude of imagination
Let us go forth, the tellers of tales, and seize whatever prey the heart long for,
and have no fear. Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a
little dust under our feet.

And then, of course, Longfellow's vivid portrayal of one night in history:

Poetry bores me, usually. Subjective, vague, and multidimensional; those all sound like good things, but they can be tedious and dull in their attempt to be deep. But then you look at Yeats and Longfellow, and think My God. They are so crystal clear. And yet their clarity can't be mistaken for simplicity; what they write isn't any less beautiful than something you read in a cold university classroom with your rear planted on a butt-moulding-hard-plastic chair, a piece that forces the prof to ask, "Now, what exactly did Pretentious Poet mean when s/he wrote this?"

The Truth.

You know you love me

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Monday, September 8, 2008

dinner time!

Glenn blinked and struggled to open her eyelids. She had to squint in order to take in the scene around her. It felt like someone had hammered nails into her head. She felt overwhelming dizziness as she sat up.
"Feeling any better?" His voice. Again. It haunted her when she slept and when she woke.
"No. As a matter of fact I don't," Glenn's icy voice shot at him. She looked around her. The room had light pink wallpapered walls with cream carpet. She was sitting on a bed in the middle of the room with a velour-like cover on it. Immediately she knew she was in a hotel room.
How did I get here? And more importantly, how am I going to get out?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sort of thing

Green berries sprout from the darkest corners of that soul, and the orange sprites flit across and wonder when they will turn purple - magic, majestic, royal purple, not aubergine, or eggplant, or god forbid, elephant. Elephant elephant elephant. You are my ---
Swim splash, can you hear the sound of the pointed horn cutitng the water like a hot butter through knife? Incredible

Avant-garde - to explain someone that is innovative or...

Paramore - no, not crush crush crush - paramour: a lover, an adulterous relationship?

Call her that next time.

Back to the purple elephants. Just watch her wildest tricks come true, she probably said as she stomped her heavy heavy heavy foot. Do you think that maybe there are other worlds, ones that are different than ours, where you can shoot through a tear in the universe, a wrinkle in time (RIP), and see things you could not even wrap your head around or imagine?

Tell me why it is so ridiculous to think that at one time, there may have been a horse with a horn sprouting from its forehead, but it's easy to accept the narwhal, beautiful and poniont.

Lil Wayne's pants are fallin' down!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everybody wants to be you...

She pressed her back against the door and held her breath.
Did he hear me? Is he close? Glenn wondered. Her eyes searched for an alternate escape route, hoping for an easy way out. Of course I pick a room where I will easily break my neck from jumping out the window. Glenn could feel a drop of sweat running down her face but was too frightened to wipe it away and risk noise. I could hide in the closet. Too predictable. Under the bed? Even MORE predictable. Glenn sighed and immediately regretted it.
"Glenn? What did I say?" His deep voice penetrated the heavy air.
Closer than expected. Glenn shuddered as she crept closer to the closet. She was conscious enough to know that he was still talking but her mind blocked the subject matter. She hid in the back corner of the closet, hoping to be covered by shadows. She slid the closet door shut and wrapped her arms around her legs. A door creaked.
"Why do you hide from me?" He asked like he actually cared. Like the outcome would be different if he knew the answer. A sliver of light fell over Glenn's face.

Writing to Reach You.

Dial the number, wait for connection. Connect. Ring Ring Ring. Cowie zips through the telephone pole. He is 50 grams, millions of lightyears old. Every telephone ring he is going this way and that, with his long grey beard, the real Santa maybe? He is the reason we can talk to our parents, our grandparents, our friends, telemarketers, people across the world. Zip Zip Zip for 24 thankless hours, never resting, all alone, thankfully too busy to be lonely. The amulet is around his neck, until he loses it in the world's fastest bet against the Banana King, who always wins. Starlight the Monkey collects it, and plays with it for awhile - 'monkeying around', if you will. He almost gets sucked into the amulet's (ulet ulet!) power, almost almost almost being drawn into Cowie's world, Cowie is thisclose to retirement ... but, alas, it was not meant to be, and luckily Cowie was too busy to even notice his close but failed chance at a rest. Lucky for him, though - if he ever stops moving, if his motion ceases for longer than 30 seconds, he will disintegrate. But that is besides the point: Starlight accidently dropped the amulet into 1000 years of darkness, and only one unicorn could save it ....

On the shores of a school in Quebec, the ocean opens up and laps up against the shore, and people stand and wait as the sun rises and a shipwreck is explored.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Killer Rabbit on the Loose

If events don't actually happen, if items disappear when you look away, if everything is a figment of imagination, if you are not you, then... then what's the point of it all? What's the point of living and leaving no impact? No dent? No change? Can you even call it living? Or is it more like dreaming? Why do some people get magical dreams, while others get nightmares? That doesn't seem fair. But life isn't fair you say. Well how convenient that the people who are dreaming magical fairytales say that. Convenient, indeed.

The 12thor20thor22ndor42nd? BROOHAHAHA jokes

And then you wonder, DID that event actually happen or is it all just a figment of an overactive imagination? And of course, there is nobody to verify the thought's authenticity, so you're left to your own devices as your very own Sherlock Holmes. And if the event and/or memory DID, in fact, occur, did it occur the way you are perceiving it? Or are you just being paranoid? With nobody to remind you or tell you or direct you, you fall into a spiral of what what what if if if and did did did.

Pop pop! The car races by as vroom, and you have to ask yourself, "Self?" until you no longer wonder or worry or react so quickly. Rise above; it all makes sense now. YOU are not YOU, says Echart. You are deeper than that, perhaps even better, faster, stronger. Oui. Good morning. And perfect agreeance (yes, yes) and mind meld on the more cowbell.

Good Morning, Oooooooooooooh

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ding ding

We. Need. More. Cowbell.

The Egg is like a Star

I have thought about it, as I often do. People's different worlds in which they are consumed. Worlds where they can't imagine anyone living differently, thinking differently than them. So many different worlds on one planet, so crowded yet distant. So very dependent and independent at the same time. Without these other worlds would I be the same? Would you or Bolly be the same? Things must continue when we aren't looking. They simply must. For example, television. Perhaps I watched last night's episode of 90210, but did you? Did Mabis? Did Tom Cruise?

Weeping Willows Sticky Willies

But Dolly, are you sure Bolly and Mabis are gone? Maybe YOU and BOLLY are gone, and Mabis is here? Or Dolly and Mabis were never here, and it was always Bolly. Which Goes Back to Reality And Our Perceived Realities As Individuals. Think about it. There is a bright orange extension cord hanging in the tree across the street. If it's there, bright and glaring and neon and incredibly there, but nobody is there to see it, does it actually exist? Or does it poof everytime I look away???

PS - I am wondering if his brain is still the fish's brain. Good day. Feel the bold.

I don't see Quickzalquackzal, but I do see Santa.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

beano is illegal

And just like that it was over. There was no more Bolly or Mabis. Dolly didn't quite know what to do. It was quiet and Dolly couldn't remember what it was like before. It was kind of like short term memory loss. Have you ever heard of wheat berries?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi Bolly Mabis! *waves* We miss you

And she said, "Blam Blam, Diggity Blam, De Blam." Fing Fang, jingedly clange she dang! He wondered, "What the hell, bling sang?" And then they ding ding ding de dang, ding ding shit, de dang, yeah!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

pink dinosaur at night

Yeah now if you let me you won't regret me Shit if you let me you won't forget me And now my Grandmama ain't the only girl callin' me baby I caught the moon today pick it up and throw it away alright With a baby Louis Vuitton under her under arm I like the dirt that's on your knees Take that and rewind it back, Ursher got the voice make ya booty go (clap) Its just a little pinprick you'll feel no more aaahhh but you might feel a little sick I tell you love, sister, its just a kiss away My best friend Leslie said oh she's just being Miley Now wouldn't you, barracuda A baby boy's born in the ghetto Mama liked the roses Dream on Dream it 'til your dream comes true Hit me with your best shot Under the thumb the squirmy dog who's just had her day Yo this is nappy boy radio live My heart is beating like an 8-oh-8 Its gonna be me you and the dance floor I'd love to change the world but I don't know what to do so I'll leave it up to youuu

full of the rage virus

How can someone be SO dumb? How is it even possible? This is less of a question and more of a statement because - obviously - you have proven that it is possible. You ask the stupidest questions and have the most ridiculous responses to things. You understand nothing and you have also proven that there is such a thing as a dumb question. You try to be endearing and yet somehow jealousy, rage, and aggression come through. You are never clear in what you mean and repeat yourself an infinite number of times. I don't know how your family, or anyone for that matter, can stand to be around you for prolonged periods of time without either jabbing their eyeballs out with a pencil or killing you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Gardasil

I appreciate your fight against HPV. It is wonderful that there is now a vaccine to combat a virus that has the potential to snowball into one of the deadliest diseases known to women.

I am writing because your commercials are ridiculous. I am, of course, referring to your "Everything I Can" campaign. One would think that Merck and Co being a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation, you could hire consultants and ad execs that can speak proper English before launching a major campaign. As you are aware, at the end of each of your commercials, the somber female actress states as follows: "What would I do to protect myself? Everything I can."

It doesn't take a genius to recognize the fault that can be found in the above two sentences when placed together as a question and answer. The word "would" can be a verb to act as the past tense for "will" or, in this case, can act as an auxiliary to express desire or a wish. It suggests something someone MIGHT do, or would do given the chance or opportunity. Thus, the correct response to "What would I do to protect myself?" would be "Everything I COULD."

Now, I understand your desire to keep the phrase "Everything I can." However, in that case, the question preceeding that response should be "What WILL I do to protect myself?" (as well, using "will" instead of "would" makes the sentence stronger, as though one is taking action rather than considering the possibility of taking action).

No problem!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Power Out

Once there was a drag queen named Jack. Poo is blue. Smells like curry. The reindeers lick it up. Purple monkey dishwasher? I will. Please stop that. Hurry before it escapes. Pass the lighter. That fish ate your brains. My brains, you say? My brain was the fish's brain.

Domo Regato Mr. Roboto

You start. I wanna go to the go carts. Remember that day the bird swept down and poured ocean on our expectant faces? A million eyes watched. Red light, green light, yellow light. Black light tattoos in the shape of skeletons. Oh yeah I needed your help. Crip. Crip. Crip. Are those geese? Oe Giise? Chickidee China the Chinese Chicken ain't got nothing on that bunny hop. I always thought that was a hot tub. Yo quiero Taco Bell, except for not, only more with less hot sauce. Who is dad talking to? Do you actually know or is this just one of those crazy occurances where people stand in factories and wash, rinse, repeat and then smell the fresh earth that the animals have rolled in and watch as the sky turns amethyst like Courtney Love. Occurences is with an E.

santa and the peacock

Why won't they stop saying that to me? Can't they see that I don't make eye contact for a reason? Apparently not. At first it was easy to wag my tail and live up to their ridiculous expectations but now this has become too much. They're so dense. I've even started to roll my eyes and they don't respond properly. They just keep saying good boy, good boy, blablabla. They're always touching me too. Don't they get it? I've attacked multiple people and they're still touching me! When I walk away, they follow. Why don't human rules apply to dogs? Why can't I have a moment of peace?

Good God, Girl

I wish I knew ya

Saturday, August 16, 2008



mooky earl

Whooo Whoo whispered the tiny bird why do you ask such hard questions red and green too christmasy perhaps she wondered happy birthday to you happy birthday slurp slurp pigeons and taxis pigeons and taxis she whistled as she worked moustaches for the stars please sir spooky sounds ghosties ghosties ghosties tell your life story teacher teacher jumble mumble


There is no greater cop-out in the English language than "meh."

Those three teeny, tiny little letters form the most mind-numbingly boring sound. It signifies disinterest; it is flippant, rude, too easy, overly simplistic, egotistical, spoiled. Rather than rub two brain cells together and formulate an actual opinion (Lawd forbid, actually speak), it's easier to be lazy, to fall back onto a stagnant, rotten bad habit that barely qualifies as speech and is more readily compared to mating boars grunting.

That's the point, you say? You're so disinterested, lazy, and crude, that stringing together a few syllables might actually be counterproductive and demonstrate that you DO give a damn?

Interesting, and something to think about. Well played.

Michael Phelps is a Vampire

Just so you know.

Consider the evidence: as the photo illustrates, Phelps displays abnormally long canines. Freakish, as it were. In addition, the multiple wins suggest super human strength. These two factors, while weak evidence alone, are reinforced by his behaviour last night after his win - it was animalistic, almost rage-filled, devoid of happiness and filled with something quite fearful.

green yarn yellow yarn blue yarn

"You'll love it," he said.

Now look at her.

Friday, August 15, 2008

There is only now.

once upon a time...

You finally realize it is over. There are no "redos." Nothing you can change. The time has passed and hopefully you have enjoyed yourself, hopefully something good has come out of it all. All of the work and excitement that built up. But not everything is happily ever after. Not everyone has that special happy ending. If you are lucky you will savour the best memories and forget about the rest. Or maybe there is no rest. Maybe your cup was totally full.

Aztec Princes

Purple pop and orange crush add vibrant splashes of colour to that insane moment! Green Red Yellow Pink Blue CLEAR! The scent of fine Cuban cigars with their curling smoke and the closeness of so many people. Laughter and jest and understanding. and Quickzalquackzel laughs and growls from the dancing willows. The most important sentence you'll see in your lifetime. Read it again.

Be sure to wave and smile next time you see him! Are you understanding? Are you really listening? Be sure to wave and smile next time you see him!!

God, that was strange to see you again

Stretching, stretching, like going to St. Ninian's Cave.

Have you thought of your zombie attack plan, they ask ALL THE TIME?

In Zombie movies, the windows and doors are always boarded up with so much wood. Where does all the wood come from? And how do they board it up quick enough and well enough so that the zombies (or "infected", if you will) don't run right into the house?

There are moments when you look back and realize the perfection of a previous, and you're a little sad because you didn't realize it at the time, but then that sadness is gone because you're joyous you realized it at all, even all that time later. And then it's a moment...

Ice dripping down the side of the sweating martini glass, the dull green of the dried xmas cherry, the solitary straw, that moment! You look at the moon and it's so big and then everything is so still.

That candy does not go with that bear, thankyouverymuch.


Not 85% Cocoa and lick-you-like-a-lollipop tootsie pop sweet. Bad sweet. Teeth-hurt-sweet. Wish you'd grow fur on your molars to protect them from the sweetness, sweet.

Mink, please. Pull it right down over those pearly whites.

Just words, but so---

Thursday, August 14, 2008

robin's egg blue

"Goodbye," he whispered as he squeezed my hand, "Remember what I've told you." I watched his eyelids drop as he lost his personal battle. And then he was gone.


Make another copy. Photocopy. Copycat. Copy and paste. Glue. Kindergarten. School. Teachers. Pencils. Wood. Forest. Trailer. Movies. Theatres. Cinema. Popcorn. Pop. Poppies. Flowers. Flour. Baking. Delicious. BakingFlourFlowersPoppiesPopPopcorn

Full Circle.

Monthly Service Fee

Ding ding ding! Dang Dang Dang! What way does the weather flow! Me yo me to! Does the chocolate come that colour? That would be awesome. Click! What a freaking loud sound! Look at the donkey! An ugly baby duck. Did we tell you what we saw? Never! hahahaha! Well don't you wish you knew, you turd! How did the blue bell meow on that day to the bright blue grass on the fourth of september in the year of eighteen hundred and ninty-nine, they all wanted to know but nobody would tell them because their lips were sealed shut by mint and vanilla flavoured chapstick that they stole from their mother's drawer extactly four point five years after it was manufactured by a wonderful old lady who used to be a famous $$$ tycoon from some country called I-don't-know.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pink Sky at Night Part II


He thought she'd abandoned him. He paced back and forth, back and forth over the creaky wood floorboards on the third floor, the night stretching endlessly in front of him, a big black pit devouring his soul.

Little did he know she was just outside the window, creeping along the window ledge, pressing her body against the ice cold pane of filthy glass. She couldn't see him through the film, but she heard him crying, and it made her grow stronger, knowing that he was suffering, knowing that he grew weaker with every moment.

She waited.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sailor's Delight

Last night I dreamed of a golden bicycle. Let us call him Mike. Mike was a magical bicycle. But he was simply a part of my imagination. Imagination. Does it only let me see the things I want to believe in and know to be "true?" Is it possible to destroy the things I see that I don't want to believe in? How? Maybe Mike knows. Maybe the fairies do. But how will I see them when I have been told they are not real? How will I ask them?

Pink Sky at Night.

empty cans

A candy bar lures him. The box falls. What is he to do? He calls for help but there is no one. No one.

A funny monkey dancing with 4 clowns on a teeny stage. Yum-o.

Two kids looked up at the sky and saw a wormhole. The little cloud was shaped like a dreamcatcher, and a tiny keyhole was pressed in the middle of it, waiting for someone to go through and travel to There.

There is a bright place, with white sky and a billion diamond-shaped stars sprinkled across the land, barely visible against the light backdrop. Hello, they twinkle faintly, but nobody hears, this land where stardust goes to fade. Who mourns a star when it dies?

They are the Greek Gods!! Zeus and Demeter and Athena!! Unicorns and matadors walk the land, growing fainter and fainter, because nobody believes, and without belief they have no existence. The wormhole was their last chance at communication, but failed, having put it far too high into the sky.

Did anyone see "So You Think You Can Dance?" last night. I often wonder what black coffee is made of. Just coffee beans and water, you say? Balderdash. Little yellow birds flit across the sky, but they aren't birds, they are fairies trying to stop the evil plans of the squirrels. Thanks Fairies! Worms are happy for your efforts! Happy little clams click clack click clack and smile as they awaken in deafening sun. Eat a book.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Gold man you haunt us. Stop chasing. Stop whispering.


Gum. It's so loud .... like a cow chewing, she says. When I chew it? Or when you chew it? I know not. But that is beside the point. Moo, they call. I wonder what they say. Do they warn us of impending doom? Do they feel in the grass what we do not know? Do they warn? DO THEY WARN? Perhaps. Is it that we can not understand them, or that we do not want to?


You are the perfect mailbox. Think about it.

Mmmm what you saaaayy. Dear Sister. But really what is sister? Is it not just a bro with breastssss? Hey brother! Seals and hooks. Arrgghh matey. Best show ever. But is it? Is best a continuum or is it based on the moment? That was deep. yumm. I hate cotton candy. But what is cotton candy? Is it not sugar dyed pink? And who could find that disgusting? Mmmm what you saaaayy. They say that we're made up of particles the same as stars and trees and the ground but what about echoing? If something echoes, as in you yell off the side of a cliff and you hear your voice echoing back at you, does the echo ever really stop or does it continue forever. Gargle. Words. Cool. Crazy. Your turn. A picture of my best friend: