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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A funny monkey dancing with 4 clowns on a teeny stage. Yum-o.

Two kids looked up at the sky and saw a wormhole. The little cloud was shaped like a dreamcatcher, and a tiny keyhole was pressed in the middle of it, waiting for someone to go through and travel to There.

There is a bright place, with white sky and a billion diamond-shaped stars sprinkled across the land, barely visible against the light backdrop. Hello, they twinkle faintly, but nobody hears, this land where stardust goes to fade. Who mourns a star when it dies?

They are the Greek Gods!! Zeus and Demeter and Athena!! Unicorns and matadors walk the land, growing fainter and fainter, because nobody believes, and without belief they have no existence. The wormhole was their last chance at communication, but failed, having put it far too high into the sky.

Did anyone see "So You Think You Can Dance?" last night. I often wonder what black coffee is made of. Just coffee beans and water, you say? Balderdash. Little yellow birds flit across the sky, but they aren't birds, they are fairies trying to stop the evil plans of the squirrels. Thanks Fairies! Worms are happy for your efforts! Happy little clams click clack click clack and smile as they awaken in deafening sun. Eat a book.

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