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Saturday, August 16, 2008


There is no greater cop-out in the English language than "meh."

Those three teeny, tiny little letters form the most mind-numbingly boring sound. It signifies disinterest; it is flippant, rude, too easy, overly simplistic, egotistical, spoiled. Rather than rub two brain cells together and formulate an actual opinion (Lawd forbid, actually speak), it's easier to be lazy, to fall back onto a stagnant, rotten bad habit that barely qualifies as speech and is more readily compared to mating boars grunting.

That's the point, you say? You're so disinterested, lazy, and crude, that stringing together a few syllables might actually be counterproductive and demonstrate that you DO give a damn?

Interesting, and something to think about. Well played.

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