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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wtf is the point of causing pain if you're just going to try to fix it

One of the great mysteries of life: Why the Mozza Burger from A&W is cheaper than a Teen Burger. The Mozza is basically a teen burger PLUS cheese PLUS thousand island dressing. Usually that would constitute a price hike, but not in this case. It's like they are rewarding you for consuming extra calories.

Monday, December 14, 2009

and the sea turtle sprouted sheep feet.

Once there was a child who turned into a unicorn every midnight. His name was Simon B. The unicorn would jump in the air, sending sparkles to the earth. One day, Simon did not turn into a unicorn, but into a MULTI-horn, and his powers were magnified by the amount of horns protruding from his skull (7). But no sparkles rained down from the sky. So he said to a star, WHERE ARE THEY, OH LOVING ONE? And Star John answered, Wrong Answer. And Simon the Multi-horn was like, it was a question. And Star John smyted him, and never was there ever asked such a question again.