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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Dorky Child on the Rice Crispies Commercial

Perhaps you have seen the new Christmas ad for the red and green Rice Cripsies. Apparently, the boxes come with molds for people to shape their rice cripsies treats into holiday-themed creations. The little girl in the ad ends up haphazardly making these treats and giving them to strangers around town. This is an Open Letter to her.

Dear Dork: So you think you're cute, with your coke-bottle glasses and pigtails, running around the city giving randoms your rice cripsies creations. Sure, your mother and grandmother probably think you're cute, and they might appreciate a rice crispies treat in the shape of a stocking or a Christmas bell.

Please let me assure you that the lady behind the counter at the corner store does not think you are cute, nor does she want a poorly put together piece of food art made by a five year old who probably eats her boogers and doesn't wash her hands after pooping. I saw Corner Store Lady hesitate before accepting the treat you unceremoniously shoved across the counter - she's thinking, do I break her little heart? Or do I smile and pretend I'm not worried this cookie-that-is-supposed-to-look-like-a-star-but-actually-looks-like-a-malevolent-wart doesn't carry SARS or the Avian Flu? You know she put on a pair of HAZMAT gloves and burned the thing after you and your incredibly weird mother skipped away into the night, only to go home and shape another Frankenstein-esque creation and inflict more pain on the world.

So, Dorky Little Girl in the Rice Cripsies Commercial, feel free to save your cold-sore soaked creations for your mother and grandmother, who have no choice but to love you. Happy Holidays! Love, Dolly

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

.oh look at all the lonely people.

Its amazing how quickly things are over. How quickly they disappear. First hand accounts are limited. Once someone is gone, the name goes too. Stories can only last for so long. Once everyone stops caring...then what? I guess nothing.

Then nothing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

.mr. lonely.

You know what sucks? The past 2 or 3 days, no one has come on msn when I've been on. Its been sad. I just wait and wait for something to happen and nothing :(.

Anyway so today I saw Twilight. I LOVED it. Thankfully, they kicked ass in adapting it. My heart swelled after it was over and I really want to see it again. Robert Pattinson was super hot.

I can't believe how much its snowed in ON! There are some pictures on the news and I wish it was like that here. Hey! Did you guys hear about that huge meteor? It lit up the sky. It looked like daylight. Insane in the membrane. One guy said and I quote, "It came down from the sky..." Wow. That's profound.

Hm. I have a french project to do this weekend so I'll be working on that this weekend as well as some cards for the hair salon place. Right now in English, we are reading "A Streetcar Named Desire." Its weird. I finished it yesterday and its very strange. "STELLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..."

Can someone please come on msn this weekend?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

.post #101.

I'm so sorry she said that. I defended you but it was too late. Too late.

I heard someone the other day saying that in their relationship they always fight, take what has been said back, and make up. But that's not possible. You can't take back what has been done. What has been said. What has happened. Ish will never be the same. Again. No matter how sorry you are. No matter what you try to do to remedy the situation. You can't. And that sucks. But atleast you learn something out of it: that the other person is a _____.

.but i couldn't hear them all the way in first class.


What if there was such a thing as yestertomorrow? Would that simply mean today? What really is time? Why do people feel the need to plan every detail out? Time can be good. Or bad. Looking back, there are times that I wish never happened and times that I wish I could relive. Time is so strange. If nobody had invented time, then what? Would we grow? Expand? Progress? Digress? Will we ever know? And what's the point of questions that can't be answered...


Monday, November 17, 2008

KTLA Channel 5 The CW, Where Los Angeles Lives

The Little Frog Man dipped down into the crevice of a wrinkly bosom and fell asleep. He was like Rip Van Wrinkle, except he did not sleep for a hundred years, his sleep being cut short after a mere 4 minutes by a fairy who plucked him from the old woman's chest and dropped him into a pond that was fed by a river. He sank like a feather, flutter here, flutter there. The Little Boktavian Dulaleecha saw him, and twirled down in a circular motion into the depths of the white rushing current, until they were sitting at peace at the blue, blue bottom.

"What?" Screamed the Little Frog Man, his cries piercing the water and shimmering the sun.

"How Now, Brown Cow?" The Little Boktavian Dulaleecha Cankerously Bellowed, and the Little Frog Man shivered with fright.

"He told me the way," he meowed.

"Ah, and that is how you make gorgonzola cheese," the Little Boktavian Dulaleecha chuckled before struggling through the deep waters and catching a current on the West Side to Everywhere.

The Little Frog Man laughed tears of joy and snow and swiftly melting autumn, the salty droplets accounting for a flood that spring.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

.can't stop having these visions.

Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is incredible. And heartbreaking.
In order to see everything just click towards the bottom of each picture.

.poisoning your fantasy.

Wow so is everybody ready for the best week of our lives? Only 6 days until Twilight and only 9 until 808s & Heartbreak :D:D:D:D! YAY! And then mabis can come back and then soon it will be Christmas!!!!! The decorations look lovely if I do say so myself. And I do, he said to his groom. dun dun dun. Wedding bells or the jaws music? Did you know a stirge is a mosquito-like magical beast and a classic in the game Dungeons and Dragons? HAHAHHA of course you already knew that mabis or you better or your Christmas present won't make much sense. Got your zac efron poster all ready too. A DROP IN THE WATER/ A LOOK IN THE EYE. Oh James Bond I can't wait to see you. Critics are calling you the best Bond movie EVER! :O. Thats insane in the membrane yay! peace. haha yes yes i did just say that.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

.still searching.

Hi dabis! We love you and hope you had a safe trip. Talk very very soon. xo


What's up with the music video for Live Your Life? I don't understand what happens in the end.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

.i got my life and its the only one.

I feel like I have to dedicate a post to ye. Not because he's a musical genius, not because his lyrics are absolutely insane, not because I'm in love with him. Simply because he is real. One of the few real artists in the music industry today. He doesn't make music for the sake of it or to make money(although I'm sure its an awesome bonus to doing what you love). He does it because he feels passionate about what he does and because of this he can show his true emotions. His new album, 808s, may not be for everyone. But he doesn't make his music for anyone. And I think because of this, he can do whatever he wants and not be "successful" in the business world but instead successful in his personal life, in that he has made himself happy. Isn't that what we all strive to do? Simply make ourselves happy? Don't hate, 'ppreciate.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tyra Mail! (squeaky high pitched voice)...tyra banks...I hate you.

I open the window and you're staring at me. Its frightening. I ask you to stop but you won't. Your eyes penetrate the space between us. I look behind me and wonder. Is it truly me you're staring at? At first... at first I was flattered. But now, now its just creepy. You reach for something beside you on the floor. And all of a sudden one of your eyes is closed and the other magnified. I realize you're looking through a.. a telescope? Ugh ridiculous. I grab my bag as I walk out the door. Walmart now. For curtains. Real estate agent tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

“How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart.”

I just bought a package of lollipops for $1.99. In your face, Grover Cleveland.

Also, four days ago marked my 7th birthday 83 years ago on a day shadowed by the flickering gleam of a tiny turtle's rainbowed horn and brightened by interlocked branches allow the moonlight to dapple the leaf-covered ground.


So proud and excited. It feels like we're on the cusp of something huge.

On another note I, too, got the flu shot today. It did not hurt, and I did not freak out, which is weird because when it comes to me and needles, usually I am the first to do so. I don't know what it is that bothers me, but I was thinking --- it's just a tube that is hollowed out. And it pierces your skin. Probably cuts out a teeny-weeny-tiny-whiney little cross section of your flesh. I dunno, but that seems a tad barbaric.

Water is so my best friend right now. I can't get enough. And peeing is my worst enemy. I did some googling (oh google) and I think maybe I have overdosed on Vitamin D. Anxiety, headaches, and extreme thirst are all symptoms. And Vitamin D is not water soluable - thus, it builds up to toxic levels in your fat storages. So I've stopped taking it and will return to merely having a multi-vitamin 4 times a week once I feel better.

Anybody else find it incredibly annoying when someone on your msn changes their status to something you KNOW they want you to comment on, and when you don't they message you REPEATING what is in their status??

I just want to make note of something I think is incredibly amazing: I have been using the exact same locker lock since the 6th grade - that is, since I was 11. 13 years ago. I love you, 31-13-19. And I can't believe that out of all the things I've saved over the years, a 5 dollar lock from junior high has stood the test of time. Master Lock: tough under fire (indeed!).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


And who exactly are you to call them hicks? You are an absolute disgrace. You should be ashamed. I'm ashamed and embarrassed for you.


You(not you... YOU) are a constant reminder of what has happened. Of why I did what I did. Of why I did what was necessary. Not just necessary, but mandatory. If it hadn't been for you, I'd never have done what I did. I would never have hurt so many people. If it weren't for your constant belief, no not belief. Expectations. For me. Potential. That was the word you used. You just kept pushing, no matter how hard I pushed back. You wouldn't stop. You had to be stopped. And yet you continue. You continue to push and pull and expect and wish... for the better, for something different. Can't you stop? If not for my sake, what about hers? What about his? What about yours? Wouldn't it be easier to just not.. just not do what you do. Not push. Not pull. Not expect. Not wish. Because of your huge expectations mine have been weakened. Its not that I don't want to believe, don't want to hope and wish. Its that I can't.

Finally there is change.

DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'! HOLD ONTO THAT FEELINNGGGGG! doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.
I got the flu shot. My arm hurts. What is hurt, you ask? I've often wondered if pain can be "cured," if you will. What if we told ourselves that pain was a good thing? Taught our young that? I suppose some pain is good. If we didn't have pain how would we know if something was wrong? What about 1000 years ago? So what if you had pain? Its not like you could pop some tylenol and relieve yourself of the pain. Pain would be nothing. Maybe pain didn't even exist because there would be nothing to do about it. It would just be something you had to bear, got used to. Bears hurt people. Sharks hurt people. But like the saying says, "Guns don't hurt people, people hurt people," I'm sure that if you looked at bear or shark attacks its not their fault. Maybe its the peoples. Maybe the people shouldn't be swimming in their ocean or harrassing the bears in THEIR homes. Hm. Something to ponder. Ponder. Pond. Whirlipogs. Have you forgotten about this place?