for bollymabis

Saturday, November 15, 2008

.poisoning your fantasy.

Wow so is everybody ready for the best week of our lives? Only 6 days until Twilight and only 9 until 808s & Heartbreak :D:D:D:D! YAY! And then mabis can come back and then soon it will be Christmas!!!!! The decorations look lovely if I do say so myself. And I do, he said to his groom. dun dun dun. Wedding bells or the jaws music? Did you know a stirge is a mosquito-like magical beast and a classic in the game Dungeons and Dragons? HAHAHHA of course you already knew that mabis or you better or your Christmas present won't make much sense. Got your zac efron poster all ready too. A DROP IN THE WATER/ A LOOK IN THE EYE. Oh James Bond I can't wait to see you. Critics are calling you the best Bond movie EVER! :O. Thats insane in the membrane yay! peace. haha yes yes i did just say that.

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