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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Domo Regato Mr. Roboto

You start. I wanna go to the go carts. Remember that day the bird swept down and poured ocean on our expectant faces? A million eyes watched. Red light, green light, yellow light. Black light tattoos in the shape of skeletons. Oh yeah I needed your help. Crip. Crip. Crip. Are those geese? Oe Giise? Chickidee China the Chinese Chicken ain't got nothing on that bunny hop. I always thought that was a hot tub. Yo quiero Taco Bell, except for not, only more with less hot sauce. Who is dad talking to? Do you actually know or is this just one of those crazy occurances where people stand in factories and wash, rinse, repeat and then smell the fresh earth that the animals have rolled in and watch as the sky turns amethyst like Courtney Love. Occurences is with an E.

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