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Monday, August 11, 2008

Mmmm what you saaaayy. Dear Sister. But really what is sister? Is it not just a bro with breastssss? Hey brother! Seals and hooks. Arrgghh matey. Best show ever. But is it? Is best a continuum or is it based on the moment? That was deep. yumm. I hate cotton candy. But what is cotton candy? Is it not sugar dyed pink? And who could find that disgusting? Mmmm what you saaaayy. They say that we're made up of particles the same as stars and trees and the ground but what about echoing? If something echoes, as in you yell off the side of a cliff and you hear your voice echoing back at you, does the echo ever really stop or does it continue forever. Gargle. Words. Cool. Crazy. Your turn. A picture of my best friend:

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