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Thursday, October 30, 2008

An open letter to the new Glade commercials

Dear Glade,

WTF, mate? I don't understand your new commercials. There is the yoga one, the gingerbread cookie one, and the party one. In each, the woman uses a glade candle, but rips off the plastic around it so her friends can't tell it's a glade, and then she proceeds to lie to her friends, saying the wonderful smell in her house is either freshly baked gingerbread men, a candle from France, or a mixture of scents she found to tap into her "inner karma." Bitch, please. Lying isn't going to give you good karma. Also, it's obvious you are a compulsive liar who won't let getting caught in a lie stop you from doing it again. Get some help. You're annoying and soon, you won't have any friends coming over to lie to.

Also, I thought Glade candles were bad for you because they coated the inside of people's noses with harmful chemicals from the burning candles? Just wanted to throw that out there.

Also part deux, I hate the KFC commercials with the hubby and wife doing the lamaze breathing. Nothing says "I want chicken" like watching a man and woman go into labour. Sexy!

Love, Dolly Mabis

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