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Friday, October 17, 2008

Gavin says hi - he was very loud and move-y last night

I miss you too, Yeezy Dolly. And hellz yeah, you and your facial expression were the only reason SATC was worth watching - that, and the pubic hair. OMG ginger firebox, I just puked.

Okay, this post is going to be about something that I find incredibly annoying. Overt sexuality. I don't care if I sound 82.

Though she, too, annoys the bejessuz out of me (but that's another post for another day), there is something to be said for Dita Von Teese. Burlesque is Stripper's classy, less wasted distant cousin. It's about the tease. And the tease, that little appetizer, can be far hotter than the main course. Yes, we can all take our clothes off on stage and wiggle our junk (that was for you, Dane) around (in theory). But can you turn someone's crank merely by removing a glove? Can you make splashing around in a martini glass look hella sexy? It's the art form versus the art itself.

This is why overt displays of sexuality in our culture are so blase. I could get into the feminist aspect of this topic and go on and on about how women are objectified and their bodies are sexualized, but I won't (though I believe it). No, this post is about what a yawn it is when you see a girl or guy walking down the street trying far too damn hard. Dear Katy Perry, I'm talking to you. Okay, you kissed a fucking girl. NOBODY CARES. 80 PERCENT OF THE GIRLS THAT REGULARLY GO TO BARS HAVE, TOO. But we get it - okay, okay, you invented kissing girls, bravo, you liked it, get a room. You're trying to do the whole retro pin-up gig, but you're failing miserably because you seem to always have to have those eyes that display the fact that you are thinking OH SO NAUGHTY thoughts (but not really), licking your lips and touching yourself during your performance of "Like a Virgin" on the MTV Video music awards. That is why this video is oh, so karmatic:

It's about the subtle gestures, hand movements, the girls who are really thinking naughty thoughts behind those eyelash veiled baby blues (I'm talking to you, Ms. Jolie). Ya feel me?

Really, I don't care that much. I just wanted an excuse to vent my distaste for Ms. Perry and the wonderful fall on her ass. You're welcome. Also, Yeezy, I think you need to post the clip of Yeezy on Ellen. THAT is sexy, yet understated.

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