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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maybe I don't want a humpback whale.

Its 10 and you're still sleeping. Has this ever happened? I'll count out the hours for you since we know how that goes. 14 hours! 14 whole hours. That's insane.

I love the first frost. So magical. And while this may not be the actual frost, its the first official one where the frost is visible. Frost means winter and winter means Christmas.. YAY!

Bolly Mabis, we miss you. Hope that your weekend is enjoyable and we will talk to you soon. Remember: NO Butterballs. :).

Yum ethiopian food. CAN'T WAIT! And that wonderful, wonderful street. I LOVE visiting that street:). So many things to see and make me broke haha :P.

It is going to be a magical day... I can feel it. Oh, hello Gavin. Fancy meeting you here.

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