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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everybody wants to be you...

She pressed her back against the door and held her breath.
Did he hear me? Is he close? Glenn wondered. Her eyes searched for an alternate escape route, hoping for an easy way out. Of course I pick a room where I will easily break my neck from jumping out the window. Glenn could feel a drop of sweat running down her face but was too frightened to wipe it away and risk noise. I could hide in the closet. Too predictable. Under the bed? Even MORE predictable. Glenn sighed and immediately regretted it.
"Glenn? What did I say?" His deep voice penetrated the heavy air.
Closer than expected. Glenn shuddered as she crept closer to the closet. She was conscious enough to know that he was still talking but her mind blocked the subject matter. She hid in the back corner of the closet, hoping to be covered by shadows. She slid the closet door shut and wrapped her arms around her legs. A door creaked.
"Why do you hide from me?" He asked like he actually cared. Like the outcome would be different if he knew the answer. A sliver of light fell over Glenn's face.

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