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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sort of thing

Green berries sprout from the darkest corners of that soul, and the orange sprites flit across and wonder when they will turn purple - magic, majestic, royal purple, not aubergine, or eggplant, or god forbid, elephant. Elephant elephant elephant. You are my ---
Swim splash, can you hear the sound of the pointed horn cutitng the water like a hot butter through knife? Incredible

Avant-garde - to explain someone that is innovative or...

Paramore - no, not crush crush crush - paramour: a lover, an adulterous relationship?

Call her that next time.

Back to the purple elephants. Just watch her wildest tricks come true, she probably said as she stomped her heavy heavy heavy foot. Do you think that maybe there are other worlds, ones that are different than ours, where you can shoot through a tear in the universe, a wrinkle in time (RIP), and see things you could not even wrap your head around or imagine?

Tell me why it is so ridiculous to think that at one time, there may have been a horse with a horn sprouting from its forehead, but it's easy to accept the narwhal, beautiful and poniont.

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