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Friday, September 5, 2008

The 12thor20thor22ndor42nd? BROOHAHAHA jokes

And then you wonder, DID that event actually happen or is it all just a figment of an overactive imagination? And of course, there is nobody to verify the thought's authenticity, so you're left to your own devices as your very own Sherlock Holmes. And if the event and/or memory DID, in fact, occur, did it occur the way you are perceiving it? Or are you just being paranoid? With nobody to remind you or tell you or direct you, you fall into a spiral of what what what if if if and did did did.

Pop pop! The car races by as vroom, and you have to ask yourself, "Self?" until you no longer wonder or worry or react so quickly. Rise above; it all makes sense now. YOU are not YOU, says Echart. You are deeper than that, perhaps even better, faster, stronger. Oui. Good morning. And perfect agreeance (yes, yes) and mind meld on the more cowbell.

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