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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Writing to Reach You.

Dial the number, wait for connection. Connect. Ring Ring Ring. Cowie zips through the telephone pole. He is 50 grams, millions of lightyears old. Every telephone ring he is going this way and that, with his long grey beard, the real Santa maybe? He is the reason we can talk to our parents, our grandparents, our friends, telemarketers, people across the world. Zip Zip Zip for 24 thankless hours, never resting, all alone, thankfully too busy to be lonely. The amulet is around his neck, until he loses it in the world's fastest bet against the Banana King, who always wins. Starlight the Monkey collects it, and plays with it for awhile - 'monkeying around', if you will. He almost gets sucked into the amulet's (ulet ulet!) power, almost almost almost being drawn into Cowie's world, Cowie is thisclose to retirement ... but, alas, it was not meant to be, and luckily Cowie was too busy to even notice his close but failed chance at a rest. Lucky for him, though - if he ever stops moving, if his motion ceases for longer than 30 seconds, he will disintegrate. But that is besides the point: Starlight accidently dropped the amulet into 1000 years of darkness, and only one unicorn could save it ....

On the shores of a school in Quebec, the ocean opens up and laps up against the shore, and people stand and wait as the sun rises and a shipwreck is explored.

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