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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ugly people II

Spin off from last week's question: is the familiar beautiful?

Has anyone ever noticed that the two halves of many couples are NOT created equal?

I used to work in a high-end jewellery store, and it came to my attention that, more often than not, a couple that came in to look at engagement rings or wedding bands were not standing at an equal level of attractiveness. We are about to blow your mind, but listen close: In these situations, the man in the relationship was usually markedly more attractive than his female partner.

Of course, this first begs the obvious question -- are men really not as superficial as society would have us believe? Hollywood suggests that man-trolls have the ability to score the supermodels, yet real life scenarios are telling us otherwise. Really good looking men - men who could probably attract any hot (conventionally or otherwise) woman - are ending up with women that range from average to unattractive.

It should be noted that we are not talking "somewhat attractive" or "okay" looking women ... we're talking men who are 7's or 8's or 9's and women who are 2's or 3's.

THE REAL QUESTION here is as follows: are these men attracted to these women because of their personalities and then, because they love them/they are familiar, find them beautiful? Or do they honestly find these women beautiful from the get-go? Do they ever recognize the disparity, or do their love-goggles keep them clueless? What are the factors that affect how a man views a woman or chooses her as his partner?



Anonymous said...

Three words: High school sweethearts.

There's a bunch of guys out there who don't have the balls to drop their girlfriend and go fishing for something better, because it's the only, or one of the only, relationships they've ever had and, due to the limited sample size, they think they have it as good as it gets.

dollymabis said...

I never even considered that, but that makes sense. It's kind of sweet and kind of pathetic at the same time.

Also, I have a Rumi quote on my wall about the breeze at dawn and secrets and not going back to sleep, but it's yet to help me wake up early to an alarm set before 7. So if you figure out how to get up at 6 every single morning, please share. The only thing I can figure out is going to bed hella early.